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    Training and development services to transform your organisation
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    Project management services so you can face your biggest challenges
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    The far horizons project to inspire young minds
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    Concepts and ideas to change the way we work and live

Welcome to Inform Group

Are you a new business? Or thinking of setting up a business? Or a 3rd sector organisation wondering how the current climate of cuts will affect you? T.I.G. is an organisation designed to improve your chance of success, whether you’re a small & medium business, voluntary, community and 3rd sector group, or statutory agency- or just starting out!

We provide training, skills transformation, project management, business planning, community development and education services based on the principles included within the book “What Managers Don’t Know & Workers Can’t Tell Them“, and all with a different focus from other consultancy firms. That difference is easy to define: we’ll show you (and your employees or members) how changing for success can be fun and not a painful process.

We will also show that there is a better way to conduct business, live your life and educate yourself and others.

Latest audio posts

Latest audio posts

The Truth About Search Engine Optimisation

  Listen to ‘The Truth About Search Engine Optimisation’ on Audioboo Think SEO is a black art that you need to pay a small fortune to someone else to do for you? Think again. Most SEO work takes about 1 hour a week to do and you can do it yourself. Find out how you can save yourself fees and…  Read more

Latest whitepaper

What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us? Toward a New Pedagogy where business & education sectors learn from each other.

In the 1979 movie “Monty Python and The Life of Brian”, a discussion takes place between members of the People’s Front of Judea. Reg, having laid out the case for revolt against the Romans, asks a rhetorical question: “And what have they ever given us in return?” After subsequent debate he snaps: “All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine,…  Read more

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