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Blog Spot

All Change!

I’ve been a busy little bee recently, but haven’t stopped revising what it is I want to do and achieve. One of the things that has become very clear is that my desire to reach larger audiences with my ideas and strategies for changing the way we work means my current model is no longer suitable for doing so. Part…  Read more

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Changing The World One Mind At A Time

Hello dear reader! Finally, as my hard work on the various books is nearing completion, I can raise my head above the parapet and get on with the task of changing and updating my website. Over the coming weeks you will see the site change to reflect the much greater emphasis on the books and the ideas that they contain….  Read more

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15th October 2013

Okay, I’ve been a very bad boy and not stayed in touch much. In my defence I’ve had a lot of my time taken up with a major client of mine (I even signed up on a temporary contract and became embedded within the company), as well as writing my second (and researching my third) book etc etc etc. And…  Read more

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Darren at the launch of this book What Managers Don't Know & Workers Can't Tell Them

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who finds it difficult to actually engage in the selling process? There is a series of workshops at the Barnsley Digital Media Centre to help you sell more effectively. Everyone is in sales but that doesn’t mean we’re all natural salespeople.  Business owners need to be able to sell but poor sales techniques…  Read more

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THE ROUND TABLE PRINCIPLE Breakfast Lecture at DMC Barnsley

The Round Table Principle is probably the biggest and most complicated of all the ideas in the book “What Managers Don’t Know & Workers Can’t Tell Them” in terms of the initial effort required to get it established. It is also the principle that if fully understood and implemented will bring the biggest benefits to any organisation, big or small….  Read more

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